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Upgrade your customer engagement with an AI chatbot that surpasses traditional live chat by providing faster, more accurate responses.

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Unlike human-operated chats, your chatbot is not hindered by response delays or time zones, offering round-the-clock support to your visitors.

Concerned about losing that human touch? We've got you covered. Your chatbot can be engineered to simulate human conversation, ensuring a warm, personal touch in each interaction. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to immediate, precise support.

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Chatterdocs offers different pricing plans for teams of all sizes. The pricing plans range from free to $499/month for the Agency plan. An Enterprise plan is custom and available upon request.
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With our intuitive interface, building and customizing your AI chatbot has never been easier or faster. Select features, personalize responses, and launch a chatbot that aligns with your brand—all in just a few minutes.

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Create AI chatbots for your team.

Embed a brandable chat widget on your site that visitors can interact with. Create chatbots for internal use to empower your customer support team.

Native chat integrations

Use slash commands in chat tools like Slack to interact with your chatbots.

Embed on your website

Embed a lightweight widget on your site to answer questions.

Push via API

Send responses from Chatterdocs to your API.

I created an@aprildunfordchatbot in slack, as I love her book, Obviously Awesome. It could even explain the cake pop example :)

Thanks,@chatterdocs_ai, for making it so easy to create custom chatbots using many different sources! Super cool product!

Chatterdocs Obviously Awesome chatbot

Capture leads, book appointments, and support your customers,even when you're not around.

Gain valuable insights from visitor questions. Collect emails, phone numbers, and book appointments directly through your chatbot.

  • Lead capture

    Collect emails, phone numbers, and more.

  • Appointment booking

    Book appointments with your visitors.

  • Downloadable insights

    Easily download all collected visitor info.

  • Route visitors to live chat

    Route visitors to live chat when they need extra support.

  • Review conversations

    See how your visitors interact with the bot to spot gaps in the provided content.

Interesting... How does that work?

Here's an example. You can configure our bots to automatically collect customer info, like their email address, name and more. Right within the chat interface.

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